Joanna Angel Fleshlight gets two new textures

Posted: 22/01/2014 in News
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Joanna Angel Fleshlight

Ribbed for your pleasure!

Are you a punk or a misfit?

Following last October’s announcement that sex toy maker Fleshlight had added a Joanna Angel edition to its Fleshlight Girls line of products, the punk porn star now has two new signature inner sleeves that come in suitably alternative names.

“Misfit” is a moulding of Angel’s pussy and comes with the following description:

“Push past four micro-ribs to enter a lotus node full of teeth, bumps, and nubs. Next, a wonder wave chamber narrows into a wavy canal unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.”

“Punk” is an anal moulding that features:

“… off-set and vary width and depth ribs to ignite your fantasy. Each rib will massage, hug, and pull on you; providing a challenging, yet oh so satisfying experience.”

As reported by XBIZ, Angel spoke about the release of these new signature textures:

“Collaborating with the Fleshlight team to put out such a great product has been a lot of fun… I love these new signature textures and I know my fans will love them too.”

For more information, please visit the product page.

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